Card Management System

Take control of your card product lifecycle

Universal Issuing Platform - Core Account

Enhance the entire account holder relationship

Universal Issuing Platform - Electronic Value Distribution

Create additional revenue streams for your company with a low-cost solution for the management of all your Value-Added Services
The Card Management System product consists of:

  • Traderoot Card Management System (CMS)
  • Traderoot Card Production System (TCPS)
  • Cardholder profile management system
  • Cryptographic Server
  • Biometric enablement
  • Stand-in processor support

Tailor-made card products

The CMS supports full production of any kind of card product. Traderoot can integrate with the card bureau of your choice to enable either early or late binding of all card products.

This allows for full personalisation of cards and a streamlined production process to cater for all your needs and those of your customers.

Shaking Hands

Enhance your payment streams

As new payment technologies develop at a rapid rate, it becomes increasingly relevant to be able to process transactions from any source or initiating device.

The CMS solution provides you with access to new payment streams and provides greater flexibility for your customers.

You can provide a separate CMS for each payment stream, which simplifies the management of each payment stream. This approach also limits exposure to downtime by dividing streams and providing redundancy.

The CMS can be fully integrated into an existing core account system. Alternatively, you can operate a standalone CMS. In the case of a standalone CMS, all transactions are not-on-us, which means the master of the balance is a bank or financial institution that sponsors the accounts on your behalf.

Manage the holistic relationship with your cardholders

As the world moves towards a cashless society, more people around the world turn to cards to make convenient payments every day.

Traderoot provides an all-in-one solution for managing your card products with the Card Management System (CMS), based on the Universal Issuing Platform.

The CMS simplifies the process of managing each and every card in your user base. It covers the full lifecycle of all cards, from the moment they are issued to the moment they expire or are cancelled.

By implementing a CMS, you can open up new payment streams that allow your customers to pay using the latest payment technologies – such as NFC and mobile – while ensuring the highest level of security, reliability and scalability.

Full range of products supported

Traderoot’s CMS is capable of supporting the full range of card products: credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards, corporate or personal cards, travel or gift cards, loyalty and reward cards. It can also support and manage virtual cards, e-wallets or any other type of payment token you might wish to provide to your customers.

Traderoot offers support for all EMV-enabled (chip-and-PIN) cards and tokens.

The system fully supports emerging payment technologies, including mobile, NFC and contactless cards. It provides issuing strategies for late or early binding of all card products, regardless of their type.

With an intuitive user interface for managing different card profiles during the card lifecycle, as well as easy-to-use card issuing software, the CMS gives you all the tools you need to deliver and manage any card product that you and your customers desire.

Improve the security of existing infrastructure

Adding a CMS to an existing card issuing system can open up the ability to offer additional authentication methods for your card products. Traderoot can assist in setting up biometrics and IDM as an additional layer of authentication for your cardholders.

As new authentication methods evolve, an additional CMS can supplement your existing environment by including them as additional authentication features.

The CMS ensures the best level of security by using an HSM to encrypt all card data. The product is PCI PA-DSS compliant, which means that certification for PCI DSS compliance in a retail environment is made easier.


  • Meets new card and token market demands
  • Provides excellent scalability
  • Supports the full range of products – credit, debit, prepaid, corporate, personal and loyalty cards
  • Future-proofing through support of standard payment protocols and payment directives
  • Enables varied card issuing strategies
  • Supports PCI and EMV standards


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