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Create additional revenue streams for your company with a low-cost solution for the management of all your value-added services

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The Electronic Value Distribution (EVD) product consists of:

  • Traderoot EVD Platform for managing multiple prepaid value warehouses
  • Traderoot Voucher Management System with translation
  • Agency management
  • Traderoot EVD Back Office

Secure, reliable digital warehouse management

Third-party suppliers of electronic vouchers are given access to a virtual warehouse, where digital value is stored for sale to the end customer.

Alternatively, you can connect online to suppliers of electronic value to process value-added services directly from the vendor without having the value stored in a warehouse. Not having to pay up front for the value means that there can be no negative impact on your cash flow.

We understand that real-time supply is dependent on the suppliers themselves, so we enable you to do both at the same time, with as many value-added service providers as your customers demand. The choice is yours!

Our software is fully PCI PA-DSS compliant, providing you and your customers with the highest level of security and peace of mind.

Electronic Value Distribution platform

Traderoot Africa’s EVD platform simplifies the managing of electronic value. It can calculate commissions and fees between all parties involved, and it is intelligent enough to administer calculations of tier performance, bonuses, expiries and breakages of vouchers so that you get the benefit of offering the service without any hassles.

All value-added service transactions are routed based on predefined SKUs or PLUs. You can assign these within the system or import an existing catalogue.

The EVD provides a client portal with internet and mobile presentation layers, providing suppliers with access to self-service management of their warehouse within the EVD system. It also provides full integration with a card production module for the creation of gift and loyalty cards. This module allows for early or late binding of the cards, and it provides a complete card management system.

The platform is also capable of managing multiple currencies and can perform real-time currency conversion where needed.

In all, the EVD platform provides a low-cost solution for the management of all your value-added services.

Integrated Value-Added Services

Traderoot’s Electronic Value Distribution solution enables businesses to offer their customers value-added services, such as prepaid money vouchers, airtime and electricity, tickets, and so on. It tokenises intrinsic value and makes it available for electronic retail.

In this fast-paced, connected world, customers want the convenience of buying what they want when they want it, through their choice of channel – ATM, integrated POS, mobile or online. They want to buy airtime, prepaid electricity, tickets and vouchers wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.

Being able to offer them value-added services not only makes their lives easier. It also opens up additional revenue streams for your business, which you may not have had access to or even have considered.

Whether you are supplying the vouchers directly or as an intermediary between your customers and the value-added services suppliers, Traderoot’s EVD platform gives you the solution you need to manage the process easily and effectively.

All-in-one Value-Added Services solution

The Traderoot Electronic Value Distribution solution ensures that the management of all your value-added services is simple, with full insight into the supplier relationship.

It is a cost-effective solution for providing your customers with the services they need, when they want them and through whichever channel is convenient. This also opens up non-traditional revenue streams for your company.


Voucher Management System (VMS)

Traderoot Africa’s VMS functions as a stock-keeper of all electronic value within the VAS warehouse. It provides bulk pre-loading and import of vouchers from external suppliers. The vouchers can be based on consignment or pre-financed rules, and may differ from one VAS provider to another depending on the business relationship between the suppliers and your business.

The system also caters for cardless transactions, whether through mobile channels or NFC technologies such as Visa payWave or Mastercard PayPass.

It is fully EMV compatible, using the integrated EMV manager modules for open- and closed-loop cards.


  • Reduces cost of vouchers and VAS services
  • Manages multiple currencies
  • Creates additional revenue streams by offering your customers VAS
  • Allows you to easily manage electronic voucher warehouses
  • Includes self-service portal for customers
  • Manages catalogues with ease
  • Automates routing based on price look-up code (PLU/SKU)
  • Supports Supply Chain Finance (SCF) workflow
  • Manages multiple suppliers simultaneously


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