Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account

Universal Issuing Platform - Electronic Value Distribution

Card Management System

Enhance the entire account holder relationship

Introducing Traderoot’s Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account: a versatile solution for elevating your financial services. Seamlessly managing account relationships, balances, and fees, this platform ensures adaptability in a competitive market. Swiftly bring tailored financial products to market, maximising revenue with a user-friendly interface. The Core Account supports open banking standards and offers a full range of products, including credit accounts, prepaid cards, and loyalty points. Drive customer loyalty with personalised cards and targeted marketing campaigns, supported by robust KYC capabilities. The issuing portal provides convenient web access, while the Traderoot Back Office streamlines processes for sound business decisions. Stay agile, competitive, and customer-centric with Traderoot’s Core Account.

The Universal Issuing Platform – Core Account product consists of:

  • Issuing Platform (UIP), managing store of value, ranging from wallets to basic savings and revolving credit
  • Member profile management system (CIF)
  • Rewards Engine to drive CRM
  • Issuing Portal (Digital channel)
  • Regulatory reporting tools (BOP, AML and CTF)
  • Traderoot Back Office

The Traderoot UIP-CA empowers you to:

  • Tailor-make core account products
  • Modules for digital banking
  • Calculate and apply interest, fees and limits
  • Authorise transactions and maintain account balances
  • Support the full range of products –credit, debit, prepaid, corporate, personal and loyalty cards
  • To engage in agency banking
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  • Enables financial inclusion and co-operative banking
  • Maximises revenue through flexible fee structures
  • Offers Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Allows you to be first to market with new products
  • Gives full control with granular real-time data
  • Builds and manages holistic relationships with your account holders
  • Allows you to get to know the customer so that you can reward customers
  • Allows you to own the customer experience by tailor-making core account products


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