Traderoot Africa, a premier value-added reseller for Traderoot within the African region, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking efforts in revolutionising the financial technology landscape through cutting-edge embedded finance solutions. As a strategic partner for Traderoot, Traderoot Africa is committed to reshaping the future of payments, issuing, and core banking systems in Africa through innovative and seamless integration.


Embedded finance has emerged as a transformative trend in the fintech industry, with the integration of financial services into non-financial platforms and applications. Traderoot Africa recognises the vast potential of embedded finance and is dedicated to bringing these transformative solutions to businesses and consumers across Africa, providing unparalleled convenience and personalised financial experiences.


“At Traderoot Africa, we are passionate about the possibilities that embedded finance brings to the African market. Our partnership with Traderoot allows us to deliver innovative solutions that empower businesses and consumers alike, creating a more connected and efficient financial ecosystem,” says Jan Ludik, CEO at Traderoot.


Traderoot Africa’s pioneering initiatives in embedded finance include:

Empowering African Businesses with Embedded Payments:

Traderoot Africa is leading the way in facilitating the integration of payment functionalities directly into e-commerce platforms, ride-hailing apps, social media platforms, and various other non-financial applications. This seamless payment experience enhances user satisfaction and drives business growth.

Facilitating Issuing-as-a-Service (IaaS) for African Clients:

With Traderoot’s cutting-edge Issuing-as-a-Service models, Traderoot Africa enables businesses in Africa to issue their own branded cards, virtual cards, and other payment products with ease. This innovative approach empowers businesses to expand their product offerings and strengthen their brand presence.

API-driven Core Banking Systems for Enhanced Flexibility:

Traderoot Africa’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its API-driven core banking systems. By offering modular, flexible, and interoperable solutions, Traderoot Africa facilitates smooth integration with third-party services, fostering collaboration and driving digital transformation.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Customer Trust:

Traderoot Africa prioritises regulatory compliance and customer protection, ensuring the highest standards of data security, AML, and KYC requirements. This approach ensures a secure and trustworthy financial ecosystem for African businesses and consumers.


As a value-added reseller, Traderoot Africa is committed to fostering financial inclusion in Africa. By leveraging embedded finance, Traderoot Africa is bridging the gap between the unbanked and traditional financial services, providing access to critical financial resources for underserved populations.

Traderoot Africa’s dedication to excellence and innovation makes it a strategic partner for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. The company’s visionary approach and customer-centric mindset position Traderoot Africa as a driving force in transforming the financial technology industry across Africa.

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About Traderoot Africa:

Traderoot Africa is a premier value-added reseller for Traderoot within the African region, delivering cutting-edge embedded finance solutions to businesses and consumers in Africa. With a passion for innovation and commitment to customer success, Traderoot Africa is driving the fintech revolution in the African market.