Risk Methods and Solutions

Converging Fintech Technology To Achieve An Outcome

Introducing Risk Methods and Solutions

Traderoot collaborates with top-tier consultants who excel in their respective fields and areas of expertise. These consultants are sourced from Risk Methods and Solutions (RMS), a strategic partner which Traderoot works with. RMS has a network of highly experienced specialist partners who offer solutions that mitigate risks, rising from financial, operational and regulatory requirements.

Capitalise on our FinTech consulting expertise

RMS (Risk Methods and Solutions), a prominent advisory and consulting firm, offers specialised solutions within the FinTech domain. Their team of seasoned advisors and consultants is dedicated to optimising supply chains, refining logistics processes, and enhancing IT systems for their clientele. Renowned for its commitment to delivering value and ensuring excellence, RMS stands out as a trusted partner within the industry.

Recognising the dynamic nature of the FinTech landscape, RMS excels in assisting businesses in capitalising on emerging opportunities while navigating associated challenges. With a focus on leveraging their comprehensive understanding of current trends, regulations, and technologies, RMS empowers clients to maintain a competitive edge and realise their strategic objectives.

Collaborative consulting

Risk Methods and Solutions offers the following types of consulting:

  • Participation in industry verticals
  • Regulated forums
  • Association programmes


Wide-ranging expertise

  • Alliance banking programs: Expertise in designing and implementing collaborative banking initiatives.
  • Associate participation: Guidance on engaging and leveraging partnerships for mutual benefit.
  • Digital market and payments: Specialised knowledge in digital market strategies and payment solutions.
  • Issuing: Assistance in navigating regulatory requirements and optimising issuing processes.

How we can help you leverage our expertise

1. Strategic Planning:

RMS crafts customised strategies to enable you to seize emerging trends and capitalise on opportunities within the FinTech sector.

2. Technology Optimisation:

They evaluate your IT systems and offer actionable recommendations to elevate your technology infrastructure, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Regulatory Compliance:

RMS ensures your business operates in accordance with the legal framework, guiding you through regulatory complexities and aiding in risk mitigation.

4. Market Expansion:

They aid in devising market entry strategies and adapting your offerings to meet local regulations, facilitating expansion into new markets and targeted customer segments.

5. Risk Management:

RMS assists in identifying and evaluating risks associated with your FinTech operations, developing resilient risk management frameworks, and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies.

Trusted FinTech Advisors

The Risk Methods and Solutions team takes pride in their role as a trusted advisor and consultant within the FinTech sector. Leveraging their expertise and tailored solutions, they enable clients to surmount challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve elevated levels of success in their enterprises.

For businesses poised to revolutionise their operational landscape and optimise profitability, reaching out to Risk Methods and Solutions presents an opportunity to explore their suite of services. By engaging with them, businesses can unlock their full potential and embark on a trajectory of growth and prosperity.

Specialist consultants

Jan Ludik
Cell: +27 83 626 2309
Brett Dungan

Cell: +27 83 444 1222

About Risk Methods and Solutions:

Established in 2002, Risk Methods and Solutions has distinguished itself as a leading consulting and advisory firm specialising in the dynamic field of financial technology.

At RMS, a strong belief in fostering innovation and harnessing cutting-edge insights guides their approach, ensuring clients remain at the forefront of the industry. The motto “Empowering Possibilities, Driving Success” epitomises their unwavering commitment to delivering tangible value and catalysing transformative outcomes for their esteemed clientele.

For further information, interested parties are encouraged to reach out for more details.


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