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Our motto is Perfecting and Protecting Commerce, and our aim is to be standard-bearers for FinTech globally. We deliver on this promise by providing advanced payment and issuing solutions to payment service providers and issuers in the banking industry and in related fields such as insurance, health care, and online and mobile commerce.

Our selection of modular solutions incorporates issuing, acquiring, payment, clearing and reconciliation services, and we customise them to perform any additional functions that our clients require. Meanwhile, we are constantly expanding our product technologies to take advantage of new developments, stay ahead of industry standards, and meet emerging needs.

Today’s competitive business arena offers huge growth opportunities to those who can meet the ever-increasing demands of customer expectations, fierce competition and pressure on margins. We can help your business to trump these challenges by providing a one-stop payment and issuing platform that is tailored to meet your specific needs and expand as your business changes and grows.

Traderoot Vision


Traderoot strives to become the premier FinTech specialist by:

  • Offering superior products and services
  • Delivering business intelligence that creates value beyond technology
Traderoot Mission


To be the de facto standard in payment platforms and issuing solutions in the region by maintaining an innovative culture.

Traderoot Values


  • To develop and maintain strong and trusted relationships
  • To successfully manage our growth by prioritising our clients’ needs
  • To constantly invest in our employees
  • To uphold the time-honoured values of honesty, trust and integrity

Our social responsibility initiative:

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Get active with Traderoot Active

Established in 2018, Traderoot Active is an impact investment project led by Traderoot. Enabling and encouraging participation in sporting events and activities, Traderoot Active raises funds for recognised organisations that support and sustain sports development and children’s education. Traderoot Active also helps by designing and hosting outdoor sports events that support the causes that matter most.

“Active for Change”

By encouraging and enabling participation in sporting events and other activities, Traderoot Active combines both purpose and passion with determination and drive, playing a part in helping South Africans to thrive.

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Leadership team

Jan Ludik

Jan Ludik
Management Board

Craig Ireland

Brian Le Sar
Management Board

Louis Volschenk - Traderoot Africa CEO

Louis Volschenk

Silva Lichtenstein of Traderoot

Silva Lichtenstein
Head of Support

Jaco Basson

Jaco Basson
Head of Technical Operations

Juan Clarence of Traderoot

Juan Clarence
Head of Finance and Administration

Deon Smith of Traderoot

Deon Smith
Head of Delivery

Traderoot’s History

Traderoot Africa - Making Digital Financial Services Accessible Across Africa

Traderoot operates and licenses leading-edge FinTech solutions all over the world

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Traderoot operates and licenses leading-edge FinTech solutions all over the world


Understanding the technical jargon in the FinTech industry can be a challenge.

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